Affiliated to Nagaland University

Jalukie, Peren, Nagaland

Anti Ragging Cell

The Anti-ragging Cell of St. Xavier College, Jalukie

The Anti-ragging cell ARC of St. Xavier College, Jalukie is one of the Core Committee which aims to cater to the grievances of the Xavierite family. The ARC under its banner is set up specifically to look into matters of complaints of ragging relating to- Students, Academic and Administrative staffs. The Committee is also responsible to take up matters and issues relating to ragging in the college campus.

Objectives of the Committee

1. To ensure a free, impartial and consistent platform for redressal of varied issues faced by student and staff affiliated to Xavierite family.
2. To ensure that grievances are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitivity and in complete confidentiality.
3. To uphold the dignity of the institution by promoting cordial student-student , Student-teacher , teacher-teacher, and parent-teacher relationship.
4. To further advise and guide for respecting the right and dignity of every member of the Xavierite family.

Concept of Grievance under the committee:

A grievance is a formal complaint that can be raised by any student, staff, parent or alumni. A person under the banner of ARC filing or coming forward for grievance redressal will be termed as a ‘Grievant’.

When to come forward for grievance redressal:

When there is any kind of dissatisfaction or negative perception, whether expressed or not, arising out of anything connected with institution; or when the grievant feels unfair, unjust, or inequitable, a student and staff can come forward for grievance redressal.


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