Affiliated to Nagaland University

Jalukie, Peren, Nagaland

Principal's Message

St. Xavier College accomplished another academic year 2021-22 with laurels to behold and memories to cherish. The year begun with Covid-19 restrictions and it was a matter of concern and efficiency to put things right. Online classes, offline classes with 50%, vaccination drive, etc., gave way to regularity and full-fledged activities as time passed by. Thanks and gratitude to hundreds of hands and hearts that made our way across the year. College Governing Board , Management, Staff, benefactors, Civil Administration, parents, students and well-wishers are some among the long list that made their share of goodness generously.

Academic success in terms of ranks and toppers, achievements in regional and national level platforms, tournaments and events were part of the calendar in quality and quantity. It is special to mention that Ms. Sharon Zeliang of 4th Semester represented the state in the Youth Parliament, New Delhi. Selection in competitive exams, SSC Exam and Professional courses has added feathers to our success-cap.

As years pass by the college is growing in numbers and so too in its infrastructure and attached facilities. It’s a lush green campus that provides an enviable ambience to the students for academic involvement, sporty activities and environmental explorations. Time has proved that the college has moved high and fast in the ladder of success in any term of reference. Education beyond books has marked the schedules of the college in multiple forms. The presence of clubs, a chain of extension activities, skill development programs, etc. have kept the students ever on a progressive road with packs of offer in curricular and co-curricular for all who are interested in learning and progress.

St. Xavier College is truly relevant to the region leading the way from the front. It has made impacts in the certification of hundreds in 3-year course of a University Degree and setting possibilities for higher studies or a professional life. It’s a family of scholars and campus of positive happenings.

We look ahead with hope that many more will find themselves in this campus to build a life for themselves with quality of knowledge, values and wisdom.

At the close of a year and ever-ready to begin another, on behalf of the Xavierite family, I extend thanks to all who have been instrumental in making our lives and prompting us to live years with fulfillment in us.


Fr. Dr. Francis Cheerangal (Principal)