Affiliated to Nagaland University

Jalukie, Peren, Nagaland

ICT Facilities

St. Xavier College Jalukie uses ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process in addition to the traditional classroom education. This technology-driven approach not only supports traditional pedagogical methods but also equips students with essential digital literacy skills for the 21st century.

Classrooms are equipped with Projector and CCTV cameras. Students and teachers use PowerPoint presentations thus enhancing the teaching-learning process. Online classes are made available through platforms like ZOOM and Google Meet. The college participates and organizes online workshops or other online programmes. Digital tools/platforms like WhatsApp and Email are used for information, discussion, sharing feedback, enquiry, and dissemination of important study materials to students. The College conducts various online competitions such as Online Quizzes, video making competition, declamations, etc.

The College has a Computer Lab with standard desktops. The entire teaching faculty uses laptops. There are printers/scanners in all the important offices of the college. A Photocopier Machine is available for the use of students. At the college lobby, one finds a Smart TV, displaying various events and achievements of the institution. A Smart Board is installed in Conference Hall. The College Auditorium is equipped with required ICT tools. Wi-Fi connections are available in the college.

The College Digital Library provides access to e-resources like e-books, e-journals, N-List, etc. The College maintains e-governance system enabling digital management of teaching-learning process.