Affiliated to Nagaland University

Jalukie, Peren, Nagaland

Institutional Distinctivenes and Best Practices

Institutional Distinctiveness

St. Xavier College, Jalukie, is established and managed by Diocese of Kohima, Catholic Church, Nagaland. It is to impart Higher Education inspired by the vision for humanity and led by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Catholic Church aims at developing the vast potential latent in the land and the people of the region. Taking into account the educational, social, economic and other important aspects of life, St. Xavier College, Jalukie, seeks to provide relevant and progressive resourceful environment for the students. It keeps high the ideals of humanism and service.

The college was inaugurated by His Excellency Shri. Shyamal Dutta, Governor of Nagaland, on 17th May 2005. And obtained Permanent Affiliation Vide order no. NU- CDC/C – 45/2005- 2939 dated 30th Nov. 2011. The college is a co-educational institution and it admits students to Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree Course.

VisionHolistic personal formation – academically competent, intellectually alert, morally upright, religiously oriented, socially conscious, culturally distinct and nationally integrated to build a peace-loving generation of just people with dedication and commitment and with a keen sense of responsibility before God and humanity.

MissionTo create a relevant academic community of innovation, intellectual excellence and social commitment through validated teaching- learning, research, co-curricular and extension processes.

To ensure the academic, social and spiritual development of students from the tribes and regions into responsible citizens of the society, nation and the world, thus, actualizing the dreams of the founders and pioneers.


The Candle, burning and spending itself, is a symbol of selfless service. The sunrise is a sign of hope. It cheers hearts and invigorates minds of people.

The Cross represents the suffering of Jesus Christ, who overcame them through resurrection. This is to remind every student that anyone who is willing to undergo pain shall achieve success for sure.

The Three Lions in red, white and black represent the cultural heritage of Nagaland especially the Zeliangrong, the major tribe of the region.

The Open Book Stands for knowledge in every field, inviting staff and students to explore and unravel the mysteries of nature and achievement of man, and thus to come closer to the Creator and to one another by emulating the example of the heavenly Patron of the College, St. Francis Xavier.


To achieve academic excellence
To enable students to be skillful and efficient
To enable students to be employable
To enable value-based personality development.
To enable growth of Social leadership.
To make Higher Education relevant, practical and useful to life.

The Institution is committed in facilitating education to rural tribal areas. Educating the less privileged rural youth. The tribal folks have knowledge of handicraft and Local Folk Dances and songs, which could be used for sustainable employment generation. With the present momentum on infrastructure development and fundraising, the College can explore more avenues to create necessary ambience for cutting-edge study and research.

This consists primarily in creating for its faculty and students an ambiance that provides a ‘Greener Campus’ and strive towards tobacco free zone– a psychosomatic space that is hygienic and safe. ‘Safe’ because the campus is eco friendly and a supportive environment, for which the college is recognized District Green Champion of Peren by Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education Government of India.
Such an environment is the natural result of the following strengths of the Xavierite community :-
1. Good teaching and learning environment supported by productive library and peaceful environment.
2. Impressive and excellent result at University Examination.

Year Pass Percentage
2016 87%
2017 81.8%
2018 84.6%
2019 72.72%
2020 100%
2021 100%

3. Adherence to foundational concepts that have laid out the path of growth plan.
4. Outstanding shared vision, a cohesive team and an engaging work culture’.
5. Meticulously planned and implemented personal and professional development programs for faculty and students.
6. Efficient governance structure and administrative mechanisms to ensure speedy implementation of all developmental plans.
7. Relentless efforts at attaining the best possible balance between growth and sustainability.
8. Manifest commitment to be responsible stewards of the extraordinary campus it is blessed with by a meticulous devotion and commitment to ensuring eco-consciousness and reverence for the gifts of nature.
9. Enhancement of vocational training for the overall development and job-opportunities: The region is known for the agricultural resourcefulness, which are yet to be developed. Adequate and suitable vocational training for the students have a larger impact.

Taken together, these strengths have contributed in ample measure towards the creation of a culture in the college that is unique, that energizes us in all that we do, and knits us together into one educative community.

Look around our campus; look into the amity among our staff, students and faculty that cuts across all distinctions here at the campus. This ambiance, taken together with our multi-pronged social commitment programs involving every member of the faculty and students, results in molding the Xavierite graduates who have work persistently at being intellectually competent, morally upright, spiritually inspired and socially committed, and are bound to be a good ambassador of the college.

Best Practice 1


St. Xavier College is situated in the heart of Jalukie Town under Peren District where economic activities are very less. Students come from different background and sometimes they find it very difficult to continue their education despite many other financial assistance schemes like post-matriculate scholarship by the state government and free-ship by the institution. This initiative was started to encourage the needy students by means of financial assistance and received a very positive and promising response.

Objectives of the practice :-

  • To motivate the students to overcome the financial constraints and in achieving their goal of higher education.
  • To recognize and facilitate the individual talent for the use of the development of the institution.
  • To encourage dignity of labour.

  • Practice

    This new innovative practice started in the year 2019. The students were paid a sum of Rs. 50 per hour which includes cleaning the college campus, weeding the flower gardens, watering the plants, cleaning the classrooms, toilets, library and clerical works. Thus, the institution is assisting the students financially to fulfill their dreams. The motive behind the practice is to give financial assistance to the students while taking their services as a kind of recognition. This practice aims to promote the philosophy of “dignity of labour” regardless of whether one’s occupation involves physical work or mental labour. Till date many students have earned by their contribution to the college and successfully completed their graduation.

    With this initiative to help the students, the impact is well ascertained. The students’ feedback shows that it is creating a lot of interests among them and is helping to expose their hidden prospective. So far many students have benefitted by extending their services in one or the other way for institutional needs.

    Best Practice 2


    St. Xavier College, Jalukie is an institution run by the catholic missionaries. Its establishment dates back to the year 2005. St. Xavier College, Jalukie has students coming from different backgrounds. Despite of their differences, they come together under one roof in unison.

    The institution provides financial aids to the students in terms of different scholarship schemes, furthermore the institution through this pay back award pursuit to motivate the students to inculcate competitive spirit and excel in their studies.

    Objectives of the practice:

  • Objectives of the practice:
  • To encourages the students to overcome the financial constraints in achieving the goal of higher education.

  • Practice

    The creation of pay back award in the college was started off in the year 2019, with a vision to pay the hardworking students and to raise interest of the students to excel in their academic field. The payment is based on their academic percentage; Students scoring 90% in their end semester exam gets 100% monthly fee payback, 85% gets 50% of their monthly fee payback, 80% gets one month of their monthly fee payback and students scoring 75% gets back their 100% fine payback. This idea encourages students in achieving educational goals and also helps them to be more consistent in their studies. Till date many students have earned through their hard work and successfully completed their graduation.

    Percentage Fee paybacks
    90% 100% monthly fee paybacks
    85% 50% monthly fee paybacks
    80% One month fee paybacks
    75% 100% fine paybacks