Faculty Orientation Program

On June 6, 2024, St. Xavier College, Jalukie organised a Faculty Orientation Program led by Rev. Fr. Vimedo Kezo. The program was attended by 15 faculties. The program aimed to enhance teaching skills and professional growth of the teachers.

The first session focused on “Learning Styles,” where Rev. Fr. Kezo emphasized the importance of understanding diverse student learning preferences—visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic. He provided strategies for integrating these styles into teaching practices so as identify the students’ learning capabilities and adapting to the diverse learning preferences of students to optimize their academic experience

The second session, “Classroom Engagement,” highlighted interactive teaching methods to maintain student interest, including multimedia use, group discussions, and active learning techniques. Participants engaged in brainstorming activities

The final session, “Professionalism,” covered ethical practices, continuous professional development, and effective communication skills. Discussions on real-life scenarios helped faculty reflect on their professional conduct. Rev. Fr. Kezo also emphasized the importance of research and article writing for both students and teachers to foster a culture of academic excellence.

The Faculty Orientation Program concluded with an open forum where participants shared their feedback and insights gained from the sessions. Rev. Fr. Vimedo Kezo’s engaging delivery and practical advice left a lasting impact on the faculty members, equipping them with valuable tools to enhance their teaching practice.