Affiliated to Nagaland University

Jalukie, Peren, Nagaland

Code of Conduct

College Timing 8.15 a.m. to 3.00 p.m

Dress Code: All students should keep up the Dress Code as prescribed on the appointed days. It includes shirt, pants, neck-tie, black shoes, black socks & belt. The students shall wear ‘shoes’on all class days in the college. Proper hairdo is to be maintained by all.

Fees: The students are to pay the Annual Admission fee at the time of Admission. The monthly fees are to be paid within the month. Delay in payment will cause fine, penalty or disciplinary measures. No student will be allowed to write the exams (internal & semester end) without the submission of fees and payments.

Internal Tests, Assignments and Projects: These are part of the academic syllabus and are compulsory in nature. The students need to take attention in fulfilling each of these as directed by the college and as required. Absence from or failure in these requirements disqualifies the students to appear the semester-end exams.

Casual/Sick Leaves: Every student has a Leave Card to register their leaves and to be approved by the Principal. It is to be produced with proper information and signature before entering the class on return from leave. Parents/guardians are to follow-up the card for their updates.

Unauthorized Leaves: Students are to be in the college during the entire college hours. Any leave from the college during class hours is to be warranted from the office with personal application and approval from the principal. Failing to do so will be penalized with fine or disciplinary action.

Use of Mobile Phones/digital devices: The college has strict rules on the use of mobile Phones/digital devices.\ The general rule is that the students are not to use the mobiles phones in the college. These are allowed only with specific permission and for a specific purpose under the supervision of the teaching faculty. If a student is found using it unauthorized, the devices will be captured and will not be returned under any circumstance.

Out-of Campus activity: Students are restricted from organizing any activity outside the college under the name/banner of the college without proper permission and approval. For all activities outside the campus (picnic, tour, etc) the students need to produce written permission from their parent/guardian to the office.

Substance Abuse: All intoxicating items such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc., are strictly banned in the college campus. Anyone found in possession or under consumption of it will be noted seriously and can be penalized even with dismissal from the college.